STA15 Mk2

Here we have an all original Radford STA15 Mk2, in absolutely stunning all original condition. This is a real museum piece.

This is one of the best preserved original Mk2 Radfords we have ever seen, it was so good and built to such a meticulously high standard we didn’t want to touch it. Solid core wire was used throughout with army/navy style construction. The amplifier is 50 years old this year so naturally there are some marks on the paintwork.

The capacitors were reformed with a very careful procedure, with the HT voltage and current drawn monitored with the voltage brought up over a very long period. The amplifier works with all original components and sounds as good as Radford should. The amplifier will come with the full set of Mullards that came with it. All four EL34s are Xf1 marked.

Now sold