Woodside STA50

Here we have a Woodside STA50 for sale. This is a high quality 50W per channel amplifier designed by Woodside electronics. It uses 6SL7 and 6SN7s as part of its driver circuitry and 6550As or KT88s in its output stage. The amplifier delivers approximately 50W into an 8 ohm load.

This amplifier has brand new output transformers supplied by us and an upgraded biasing system for individual valve bias, which is a marked improvement on the stock circuitry. A PCB was designed in-house by us specifically for this amplifier and was fitted carefully using existing chassis holes using sturdy M4 hex stand-offs. The PCB includes biasing circuitry, bias test points and cathode fuses to protect the amplifier in the event of valve runaway. Documentation on how to bias the output valves will be included with the amplifier.

The electrolytic capacitors on the main PCB have been renewed as they had shown signs of age.

We can provide long term support for this amplifier including vital but typically hard to obtain spares such as output and mains transformers.

Now sold