Specifications common to STA15 and 25

Weight: Approx 17Kg
Size (WxDxH): 36x25x22cm
AC frequency: 50-60hz
Impedance settings: 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω
Speaker connection: Standard 4mm binding posts
Rise time: 5μS
Input sensitivity: 500mV
input impedance: 100kΩ
Output impedance (8Ω configuration selected): Approx 0.3Ω
Supplied valves: JJ GZ34, JJ E34L, Phillips Mil Spec 6U8 / ECF82, Winged-C Russian EF86 / 6J32P

STA15 Specifications:

Power (1% THD): 20W
Power (0.1% THD): 15W
Bandwidth (-1dB):
1W: 20Hz – 60Khz
15W:  20Hz – 40Khz
20W:  25Hz – 25Khz

STA25 Specifications:

Power (1% THD): 36W
Power (0.1% THD): 25W
Bandwidth (-1dB):
1W: 20Hz – 60Khz
25W:  20Hz – 40Khz
36W:  25Hz – 25Khz

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