Spares & Services

With our experience and supply of parts, we are able to provide a range of services and products, particularly for Series 3 STA15/25 amplifiers.

We have limited stocks of original valve runners, either chrome or zinc plated to retain the original look. We also have re-manufactured runners made from very attractive bright stainless steel.

We can supply brand new circuit boards, which implement the Woodside replacement board design, designed by John Widgery in the 80s. These are very similar to the original boards, but made from superior fibreglass, and include some minor enhancement to the original layout. The power supply board for STA25s is available, and the left / right channel boards are the same for both amplifiers, albeit with some component changes.

Another product we can supply is new handles. These are made from mild steel and chrome plated, as original. The threads are M6 instead of the original ¼” Whitworth thread. The “flash” is mild steel and chrome plated as original, but the bottom retaining strip is made from 2mm stainless steel, which is marked improvement.

We can supply brand new bottom plates. Unfortunately the louvre tool used to punch the vents in the the originals has been long lost, but authentic looking slots have been incorporated which provide greater air flow.

Finally, we can supply brand new transformer cages, along with a new Radford badge if necessary. These are identical to the originals. Thanks to modern machining, the original perforated mesh has been recreated to preserve the original look.

Unfortunately, the spares we have available will not fit on Mark 2 or earlier Radford amplifiers.

If you require any of these parts, we will be happy to discuss your requirements if you contact us via the address below.