Valve Runners

We can supply new valve runners for your amplifier. These are laser cut bright annealed stainless steel and have a very attractive finish.

Though made from the original drawings, they have been modified slightly to fit modern hardware. The main holes for the octal sockets have been enlarged slightly to fit the excellent Belton VT8-ST. The B9A socket cut-out is left as original, and fits a modern Belton B9A socket perfectly. The cut-out for the input connector is an 11mm diameter hole to fit a range of modern phono sockets. We fit Neutrik gold plated sockets that have a very high quality feel to them.

SAM_4818 SAM_4819For STA25s, we can supply pairs of runners with a slightly wider spacing between the output valves to improve air flow.

If you require any of these parts, we will be happy to discuss your requirements if you contact us via the address below.