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During this decade Steve started a successful exhibition and computer graphics company. Although having less time to deal with HiFi equipment during this time, he still serviced the occasional piece of equipment for friends and acquaintances.

00s – 10s

In the mid 00s, his son William began learning about electronics as a hobby. Thanks to having a logical mind and being a computer programmer, he picked things up fairly quickly. After a few years of typical hobbyist experimenting, he was given a Radford STA15 to repair. The repair was originally intended for Steve, he found he couldn’t undertake the work due to time constraints. William took ownership of the project and found the amp in need of a complete overhaul, so that is what he did.

During this project he learned the ins and outs of the Radford design in detail and gained an intimate knowledge of these amplifiers.The amplifier was stripped down, all originally zinc plated metalwork was chromed.The handles were re-chromed and all chassis surround and cage were re-sprayed.

Since the original boards were damaged, new ones were designed implementing the original circuit with an improved layout. With brand new boards, new valve sockets and speaker terminals, the amp was rebuilt from the ground up.

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