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Metalwork Blueprints

The blueprints for the Radford metalwork were stored away for many years. These were the hand drafted originals. You could even see holes in the paper where the draughtsman had put his compass needle. Despite being from 1964, they were in surprisingly good condition. We quickly had them professionally scanned to digitally preserve them.

As engineers now use metric measurements, all the dimensions were meticulously converted from imperial.

After some searching, we found a well respected company to manufacture the metalwork for us. As it happens they were the very same company contracted by Radford in the 80s to product the metalwork for the Mk4 STA25. Surprisingly, one of the original metal workers from Radford Electronics still works there! As he clearly remembers producing metalwork for the original amplifiers, he provided good insight as to how to produce the various metal components.

Radford Revived

Through a combination of coincidence, hard work and good luck, we have managed to reproduce very high quality modern reproductions of STA15s and STA25s.

02 New STA25

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