This is the story of a pair of Radford MA25 MK2 amplifiers.
Bought by me in 1984 from someone who had advertised ‘some old radio bits’ in the local paper they were in a terrible state. The amps were completely stripped down and the only parts deemed rescuable were the chassis, cages etc and the transformers and choke. Through a mutual friend i was put in contact with Steve Moores who provided me with some new Woodside boards and after stove enamelling and refurbishing the bright parts a rebuild was commenced.They were finished and set up with new GEC 6550A valves and tested over the next few weeks. That was in 1985 and they ran faultlessly for the next 25 years, being used for around six hours a day. All of the original valves installed in 1985 remained functional until taken out of service in 2010. Amazing! Steve and I became good friends over this period with common interests and many discussions about sound systems and valve amplifier design. Steve’s son William grew up during this time and developed a strong interest in electronics and valve amp design. In 2010 It became apparent my MA25’s required some TLC. One was sounding distorted and the design of the original boards had allowed areas to overheat and discolour. William had been working on a new constant current amplifier design and I commissioned him to produce a new set of boards based on his design using KT88 valves.The boards were deigned and hand etched by William and populated with new components. The two amps were completely rewired, the boards installed and soak testing commenced.They came home at the beginning of 2011 and are proving to be stellar performers. I won’t bore you with a long list of meaningless expletives, just be assured they disappear within the music .Having seen and heard the new STA 15 and 25 at Steve and Williams place I can only say these are a long awaited rebirth of this fantastic amplifier series.

– John Foster, Bristol

I met Steve Moores 25 years ago when a friend was interested in buying a valve amp. I visited his house and was astounded to see hordes of Radford amps of various sizes – I commented it was like a family of terrapins.
I was delighted to find someone I could trust to repair my Quad 22 & IIs and I soon needed Steve’s services. However his passion for Radfords was infectious and a few years later he sold me a STA15 with new boards which has given me 20 years of listening pleasure. I also acquired through Steve a Woodside SC26/STA35 which have served me faithfully for 20 years.Last year my STA35 required some work and Steve’s son William stepped up to replace capacitors and upgrade components. His work is first class and I fully recommend and endorse their Radford Revival. William demonstrated the prototype STA25 to me through my Ruark Accolades and I was very impressed.  It sounds as good as it looks – a genuine new Radford.

– Mike Sheppard, Bristol

Althought the Radford STA15 that I brought was not built by Radford Revival, the description of the product and checking prior to shipment by them have been first rate.  It also shows their honesty which is quite important when making these purchases over the internet.  In this respect, I have no reservation on recommending Radford Revival for purchasing their products.  And if I do buy a new Radford, Radford Revival will be the first place that I will be looking.

– George Lew, China