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Well! What an amazing power valve (tube) amplifier this is!
l have a few vintage and modern valve power amplifiers and this new generation Radford STA25 power amplifier would have to be my favorite power amplifier to setup with my system.

lt is beautifully designed (cosmetically/electronically) as taken from the original design and an absolute credit to Will, Steve and the people at Radford Revival on its outstanding looks and sound performance.

The sound is truly gorgeous, playing cd’s by: Jennifer Warnes, Susanne Vega, Tori Amos, Chris lsaak, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton to Miles Davis & Marcus Miller. The voices are clear and precise as are the instruments on the jazz/fusion cd’s.

Equipment used is:

> Tannoy (Dual Concentric) Stirling Speakers ‘plus’ Linn Majik lsobariks
> Tannoy Prestige Super Tweeters
> Linn lkemi CD Player
> Bi-Wired speaker cable – usingĀ  ‘Transparent The Wall Speaker Cable”, with Kordz banana plugs
> And good quality (not over the top price) interconnect leads


Crystal clear sound with the valves (tubes) supplied ie; highs, mid’s, lows and plenty of power in reserve, from the rated 25RMS per channel power amplifier