Customer review

Special thanks to the customer for providing this review. They wish to remain nameless.

No-signal background noise level: extremely quiet, at times if the tubes were not glowing it would be difficult to say if the amp is switched on ( or you would start to suspect your tweeters )

Resolution and detail: excellent on all music types (instrumental and vocal) listened to so far. Can hear some very fine detail coming through ( ie: cymbal strokes ) on well produced vinyl

Depth and separation: excellent

Soundstage focus and positioning: spot on and where the artist and recording engineer intended it to be

Bass response: very good, not for head-bangers but clean and tidy, natural. Pretty good with some “Supertramp” and “Deep Purple” tracks so the amp can rock if the whole replay chain is up to it

Mid response: again very good, natural

Treble response: same again, very good, natural

Overall response: excellent, nothing appears over-emphasised so far

Build, fit & finish: Arthur would be pleased

Circuit: faithful to original with improvements that again Arthur would be proud of

Negatives: make sure the amp sits on a good platform as the main power transformer could allow some mechanical noise to intrude when the room is quiet

Negatives: does your bank balance no good at all

Negatives: need to invest in more good vinyl source material

Negatives: don’t buy one of these amps, you will lose sleep and probably your job as you will spend too much time just enjoying the sheer pleasure of listening to your music through the darn thing

Negatives: Avoid getting lured down dark country lanes, you never know what lies at the end! (I’m assuming this refers to the lane we live in! -Will)

Sum-up: I’m pretty sure Arthur would be smiling right now!