STA15/25 Reissue

We are pleased to offer a limited edition relaunch of the iconic Radford Series 3 STA valve amplifiers, and also our new Series 5

02 New STA25
The Series 3 re-issue
The new Series 5, also available in traditional Radford colouring.

These amplifiers are hand made to order, built from the original hand-drafted 1964 metalwork blueprints, along with the original 1960s hand-written transformer winding specifications. All metalwork has been precisely laser cut and machined with modern engineering equipment.

01 New STA25
The Series 3 re-issue retains original rear panel design. Picture shows gold plated binding posts specified by customer.


The new Series 5 has been modernised with the inclusion of IEC mains and the removal of legacy connectivity.

The transformers are manufactured in England precisely to the original winding specifications, and feature modern insulation material and vacuum impregnation.

04 New STA25

The PCBs are now made from superior fibreglass and use the Woodside replacement board design, created by John Widgery in the 1980s. These implement the original circuit with some small refinements to the layout. Everything populating the board is new and benefits from superior modern component technology.

06 New STA1504 Series 5

Some worthwhile refinements have been made to the original design. Clinch nuts now hold the chassis together instead of spire clips, which noticeably improve the way the amplifier fits together. The main transformer chassis is now made of thick stainless instead of zinc passivated steel, adding a feel of quality and robustness. The valve runners are made from very attractive bright stainless steel. While these are huge improvements they don’t subtract from the authenticity of the product.

01 New STA15SAM_4759

These products are a great tribute to the original manufacturer Radford Electronics and Arthur Radford. We have undertaken this project with the utmost respect to the original design and with great care and attention to detail. It has not been reverse engineered but built from the original plans with tasteful refinements. In the case of the Series 5, we have modernised the rear panel and included an IEC inlet for mains power. It is our intention that these hand built amplifiers made fully in the UK enable the enthusiast the opportunity to experience Radford at its very best and own a product to be proud of for many years.

02 New STA15SAM_4764

If you are interested and would like to know more, you are very welcome to contact us at the email address below with any questions or enquiries you may have.

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