Customer review 4

STA25 Series 5

SAM_4745I am in a state of reverie! Why? because I have just been listening to my series 5 STA25 amplifier and am enthralled by it’s punchiness, subtlety and cleanness of sound. In fact, and this is absolutely true, I was reduced to tears from the sheer emotion that this amplifier squeezes from the recording. Truly, the series 5 offers an awe-inspiring depth to the music with such detail that is left ingrained on the listener. I cannot praise it enough and it is a credit to Steve and Will that they could produce such a high end product for make no mistake, high end this is!

I thought that I might suffer “buyers remorse” after spending so much on one piece of audio equipment. After more than 10 years of listening to my massive Musical Fidelity A370, I was beginning to doubt that reproduction could be improved. Was I surprised? From the very first notes of Bob Marley’s “Legend” I knew that here was something really special. ‘Redemption Songs’  bringing tears to my eyes from the sheer emotion as every nuance of music was being revealed from the recording. The sound stage was immense and liquid with full depth and definition.Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms” moved me like never before. The singers taking each breath can clearly be heard without any trace of distortion. Oscar Peterson Trio “We Get Requests ” brings the stringed double bass right into my living room together with finger movement along the strings.  This amp brings heaven down to earth.

I am so pleased that I came across Radford Revival website simply by doing a Google search for Radford STA 25. I seriously cannot praise it enough and would defy anyone to find better at any price. For the cost of a decent Rolex watch which only shows the time, a purchaser of this amplifier can literally satisfy his or her soul and journey into Nirvana. The series 5 STA25 amplifier is astoundingly excellent.

Special thanks to Mel Fisher, Hampshire