Terms & Conditions

Purchase and delivery terms and conditions

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, all reference to RR will mean “Radford Revival”.
By buying any goods or services from this website, you are entering into a legally binding contract under UK Contract Law.

Product purchase is open to WORLDWIDE customers. There may be instances where RR reserves the right to deny supplying goods and cannot accept payment. RR reserves the right to decide on this as part of fraud prevention.

Postage and packaging costs include all costs associated with printing of package information slips and receipts, packaging including all envelopes or boxes used to parcel the goods for transport (and any internal protective packaging), and current UK or international postage cost rates.

Purchasers should use the “Contact Us” page to send details of their order and postage address and will receive a quotation for total delivery charges.  If delivery costs are acceptable to the purchaser (as confirmed back to RR via e-mail) an invoice will be emailed to purchaser for the total cost including all postage and packing.  By accepting that invoice the purchaser will be entering into a legally binding contract. We cannot accept liability for loss or damage in transit. Items must be insured at their correct value unless the purchaser is willing to accept all risk. These terms and Conditions are subject to change and may be updated from time to time. You have the right to cancel any order made up to the point that your payment is authorised.

All customer details will be kept private and secure.  When paying using Paypal, the usual e-commerce safeguards provided by Paypal will apply.  RR will not knowingly use or divulge customer details to any external organisation or individual or otherwise knowingly permit those details to be made public nor post any customer details on RR’s “Testimonials” page without the express formal permission of that person in advance.  All provisions in relation to the Data Protection Act under UK law are applicable.

If any goods returned are found to have been maliciously damaged by the purchaser for the purposes of a return, then such action will be treated as fraudulent under current UK legislation and RR reserves the right to forward the purchasers details to the appropriate authorities together with all supporting evidence.  It is unlikely that any reasonable person would undertake such malicious damage but in the event they do, then legal proceedings will be taken which will include recovery of all RR costs for loss or damage as well as the risk of criminal charges being brought by the appropriate authorities.  Any fraudulent malicious damage will also render RR’s standard 1 year warranty for goods purchased by the consumer null and void.  Returns cannot be accepted nor will be made because of how a product is perceived subjectively to “sound” when used in a consumers HiFi system unless any sound deficiency is the direct result of faulty workmanship or failure of a component part of the purchased goods received from RR in which case our standard warranty conditions will apply.